The Grouth Steel Group supplies steel products for construction, mining and re-rollers throughout the Middle East and South East Asia.

Service, Innovation, Quality

PT. Growth Asia is an iron and steel foundry of high reputation in local and overseas markets. The Foundry Division forms part of the GROWTH STEEL GROUP which was established in the late sixties. The plant is located at the Medan Industrial Estate, Indonesia, with close proximity to the air and sea ports of Polonia and Belawan.

PT. Growth Asia is equipped with the latest technology applied to the iron and steel foundry. Spectrometer, universal testing machines, hardness testers, ultrasonic flaw detectors and a huge heat treatment plant are available on site.

Since 1989, our Foundry has captured domestic and world markets as a reliable and consistent producer of high quality ferrous casting products with a tradition for sound management practices and is committed to ongoing research, development and technological progress.

A team of highly qualified engineers and technicians are at hand to ensure your specific requirements in terms of quality and competitive pricing are met.

All products are manufactured in accordance with American Standards, Australian Standards and equivalent International Standards.

PT. Growth Asia

Our Vision:

To be an industry leader in supplying quality castings and customer service to the global market.

Our Mission

• Supply quality and on-time castings.
• Establish effective, ethical management systems and commit for continual improvement.
• Upgrade manufacturing facility to optimize casting quality.
• Expand markets for wear-part components.

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